Chia Sardinia Granfondo


The Chia Sardinia Granfondo is back on the South Sardinian roads after the inaugural 2018 edition. The race takes place on both the coast and the inland, on a hilly but flowing course.
Participants can choose among three race distances: the ‘granfondo’, 126 km and 1.300m elevation+, with long stretches along the coast, elected the most beautiful in Italy by Legambiente; the ‘medio’, 94 km and 1.000m elevation+; the ‘corto’, 49 km and 700m elevation+.
The course is tought in the first stretch for all the distances (until km 30) and in the final 25 km. The middle stretch is basically flat and easy.
Last year the pioneers were 200, thanks to their advice the race promises to be even better in 2019.